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Machupicchu Peru Mystical Tours
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Mystical Machu Picchu Peru makes mystics tours throughout Peru: the coast, jungle and mountains, and visits to projects that bring the past to life and with it, faith, legends and beliefs of the Incas, along with the Peruvian today.

Mystical Peru Machu Picchu is managed and organized by Joel Quispe Paucar. Born in the district of Lamay, Calca province department Cusco, southern Peru 50 minutes from the Imperial City of Cusco.

Peru Mystic Peru MisticoMachupicchu works hand in hand with the people, thus contributing to better development and cultural diffusion. that is why we built our beautiful hostel "Mystic Lodge Machu Picchu Peru" 15 minutes from the beautiful village of Lamay district known as the "Cuy al Palo".

The spiritual senses engage with others and with nature around. He wants to discover new and useful things and give all their energy and knowledge of their culture, specifically in terms of mystical nature, and to share the wonderful experience of these ancient ancestral ceremonies.

Peru is a bioenergetic center of great magnetic power. Peru has the bio-energy of Mother Earth or Pachamama. This bio energy has a powerful healing effect and offers visitors to the strength of mind. Spirituality is also reflected in the divine nature of Peru. The ancient Peruvians (the Incas) had a divine respect towards the mountains, water and earth.


Also it called metaphysical power to a series of natural phenomena and places, such as mountains that are up today worshiped by Peruvian farmers. The modern Peruvian Andes lives in full symbiosis with "Mother Earth" and understands the world to which it belongs is perfect. Their ancient traditions and ancestral activities are part of the Andean spiritual inheritance of all time.

Mother Energy: It extends from the Andes. With the execution of spiritual programs. His power of healing that is an important ingredient of spirituality.

Consequently, the places we visited are generally away from the routes. The delicate nature of the "authentic" Andean ancestral ceremonies does not allow observers. This is why we organize meetings where they are invited to a "Paco" or Andean priest. The following programs are made up of several stages, specially chosen for Machu Picchu Peru Mystic based on their spiritual, natural and ethnographic wealth.

Guided, camping, hiking, ecotourism, Walks, Tourism School, Unconventional Tourism and weekly excursions.

M.P.M. Specialist Mystical Tourism Experiential ... !!!

Machupicchu Mystical Tours

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